Though alcohol use is an accepted practice in the United States, it can also quickly spiral into an addiction if someone doesn’t monitor their alcohol intake carefully. If an individual has developed an addiction to alcohol, then finding an alcohol detox center is critical. Unfortunately, many people choose not to seek treatment for fear of withdrawal symptoms and potential social stigma. However, an alcohol detox center can provide the support patients need to manage the worst of these symptoms.

At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, our alcohol detox program is owned and run by expert clinicians. These knowledgeable and compassionate individuals are committed to helping our patients overcome alcohol addiction and move into a better and brighter future from the moment they reach out to our team. Please contact our admissions team today at 855.509.1130 or through our helpful contact form to get on the path to long-lasting recovery.

Why Is It Necessary to Seek the Support at an Alcohol Detox Program?

When someone decides to put an end to their alcohol addiction, their first step is to remove the substance from their body and go through the detox process. If a person is physically or psychologically dependent on alcohol, the thought of undertaking this process may feel impossible. However, it’s critical to remember that if they could quit drinking on their own, they would have already done so. An expert alcohol addiction treatment program can help the patient through this challenging period and allow them to achieve their goal of long-lasting sobriety.

One reason that’s it’s vital to seek treatment at a professional detox center is that alcohol withdrawal symptoms can quickly become overwhelming. These symptoms start about two hours after the individual stops using alcohol and can last for up to four days, depending on the severity of the addiction. There’s no way to predict the severity of the symptoms, which may include:

  • Shakiness and sweating
  • Agitation and restlessness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures

Some patients also experience Delirium tremens, also called the DTs. These symptoms may include vivid hallucinations and delusions.

What to Expect at Our Alcohol Detox Program

It’s critical to go through detox in a safe, controlled environment, such as our alcohol detox center. Doing so can mitigate the symptoms. Furthermore, there will be medical professionals on hand to help patients if they suffer a medical emergency during the detox process.
During detox, our medical professionals will provide support to help patients through the process. We may also ask the patient to participate in a range of our therapeutic options, which can help them understand the underlying cause of their addiction and potential triggers that can lead to relapse.

In addition, we can help them through the initial process of understanding any underlying mental health conditions. Once the patient finishes the detox process, they can move into the next step of treatment with confidence.

Contact Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health

At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, we strive to provide long-lasting support for each patient. To that end, we offer comprehensive treatment options, including:

When patients reach out to the alcohol detox center at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, they learn that they are not alone in their recovery. Our clinicians and medical experts will be by their side from the beginning of the recovery process to the end. To get started with treatment or to enroll in our alcohol detox program, please contact our team today at (855) 509-1130, or contact us online.