There is a wide range of treatment options for those seeking substance abuse treatment. Unfortunately, many people seeing treatment find this overwhelming, so they don’t seek the care they need. Perhaps in the past, the patient has sought treatment at a structured residential treatment program. Once they leave this program, however, they continue to require support throughout the rest of their recovery. Fortunately, an addiction and mental health IOP, or intensive outpatient program, is an excellent option that provides long-term support and freedom to those seeking recovery.

At our clinician-owned-and-operated treatment center, we’re proud to offer a range of substance abuse treatment programs, including an intensive outpatient option. To learn more, please contact Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health today at 855.509.1130.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

A mental health and addiction IOP is an option that we’ve designed for those who have already finished a more intensive treatment option, such as residential treatment or a partial hospitalization program. Most experts agree that residential treatment options are critical in maintaining sobriety in the early days of treatment. However, most people continue to require treatment outside of this option. This treatment program provides participants with structure and support as they navigate the challenges of overcoming addiction and mental health concerns in a real-world environment.

When a person participates in an addiction or mental health IOP, members of our team and other patients help them through the journey to recovery. We provide support and accountability through a variety of therapeutic options, which offer a range of healthy coping mechanisms. Patients can fall back upon these strategies when they face life’s stresses and obstacles, rather than turning to drugs and alcohol. The end goal of this treatment option is to help each person maintain lasting sobriety.

During an intensive outpatient program, patients attend treatment a few days a week. When they are not in treatment, they are putting the strategies they’ve learned into practice at home and work. They have the opportunity to spend significant amounts of time using skills and strategies they’ve developed over the course of treatment. They can also address the relationships that addiction has damaged. Through this treatment option, many of our patients have overcome their addictions and move into the future.

Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program

As with nearly every substance abuse treatment option, there are a wide array of benefits to this option. For example, most of the time, addiction and mental health IOPs more affordable than residential treatment options. Because patients don’t have to pay for room and board, insurance providers are more likely to cover more costs. In some cases, they may pay for the entire program. Additionally, an IOP offers a range of additional benefits, such as:

  • IOPs offer more freedom to the patient.
  • Patients can spend more time in their everyday life.
  • Patients are able to complete their home, school, and work responsibilities.
  • Participants have a support system to rely on in times of strife.

The best way to determine the benefits available to program participants is to contact our team today at 855.509.1130 or using our online form. We can answer any potential questions and help with the insurance verification process.

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At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, we’re committed to providing the support our patients need to put an end to substance abuse. We offer a comprehensive treatment program, including both drug and alcohol detox options. Furthermore, because clinicians own and run our treatment programs, patients can rely on us to provide the best possible service. For more information about the treatment options available or to enroll in our addiction and mental health IOP, contact Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health today at 855.509.1130, or contact us online.