Substance use treatment doesn’t end after drug or alcohol detox. In fact, for those who have been abusing substances heavily or for long periods of time, the initial days after detox can be incredibly challenging. However, a residential addiction treatment program can provide support for those in this critical period of recovery. In our residential addiction treatment center, our patients have the time and support to overcome their history and get to the underlying cause of the condition. Furthermore, they have the chance to learn how to avoid relapse in the future.

At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, we are proud to provide comprehensive treatment options for those in the throes of addiction. Our residential treatment option is only one of the services we provide for our patients. For more information about the benefits of residential addiction treatment, please contact our team today at 855.509.1130.

What Happens in a Residential Addiction Treatment Program?

When an individual enters our residential addiction treatment center, they stay at our campus around the clock for a period of roughly 30 days. However, that period of time can be shortened or lengthened based on the resident’s unique needs. Our clinicians will design an individualized treatment plan that will help the patient address their challenges and identify potential triggers and temptations. During their time at our treatment program, patients will participate in a range of therapeutic options and receive support from our staff members.

While our residents are at our treatment program, they’ll find relief from life’s stresses and challenges. They have continual support and compassion from our team and other residents, which allows the patient to make long-lasting steps to recovery. Our residential treatment center offers a range of beneficial aspects that make our treatment program unique, such as:

  • A team of clinicians experienced in treating substance use disorders and mental health concerns
  • Board-certified medical experts
  • A solid clinical schedule
  • An evidence-based dual diagnosis treatment program

We take an individualized approach to treatment at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health. We recognize that every client has unique goals in treatment, such as repairing relationships with loved ones, learning to live a sober lifestyle, and managing mental health concerns. We take the time to understand the client’s goals and challenges so that we can ensure that each person gets the tools they need to stay sober outside of treatment.

How Does Therapy Play Into Residential Addiction Treatment?

One of the most notable ways we address our patients’ addictions is through therapy. Each of our patients has the opportunity to engage in a range of therapeutic options. We offer a variety of therapists and counselors who work hand in hand with our patients to help them understand the cause of addiction and how to manage their triggers. Our therapeutic options include:

Everyone in our treatment program receives encouragement and support throughout their recovery journey. Patients also have the opportunity to build relationships with other residents who are struggling with similar issues. In doing so, each patient is able to build a support network that allows them to stay sober throughout their time in treatment.

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At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, we’re committed to providing long-lasting recovery for all of our patients, whether they’re attending our residential treatment program or our detox program. We’re a clinician-owned-and-operated treatment center, so each staff member in our program can help our patients through their recovery journey. For more information about what our treatment programs have to offer, please contact Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health today by calling 855.509.1130 or using our convenient online form.