When someone first begins seeking treatment for a substance use disorder, it is easy to feel overwhelmed quickly by the treatment options available. One of the most common treatment approaches we provide is our partial hospitalization program or PHP. This treatment option combines the structure and support of a residential treatment program with the freedom and real-world experience of an intensive outpatient treatment program. Many people attending this treatment program receive care and support throughout their recovery as they live at home or in a sober living community. For more information about the treatment options available, contact Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health today at 855.509.1130.

What Is a PHP or Partial Hospitalization Program?

Once someone has attended an inpatient addiction treatment program or drug or alcohol detox program, they often need a specific level of help to stay sober. A partial hospitalization program provides this structure for those in the early stages of recovery. During this treatment program, patients attend treatment for the majority of the day, but they’re able to leave the campus to go home at night. This treatment option doesn’t provide the 24/7 support that a residential treatment option does, but it can offer a similar level of structure and accountability. In addition, patients are afforded some flexibility and freedom, allowing them to sleep in a sober living environment while they attend work or school in the evenings.

When patients enter the PHP at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, they have the opportunity to transition from detox or residential treatment programs. Doing so allows them to transition back to their normal life while also receiving high levels of support from our clinicians and those around them.

Components of Our Partial Hospitalization Program

Whether patients enroll in our PHP treatment or another treatment option, they spend a significant amount of time in therapy. Most of our patients attend therapy for up to eight hours a day, several days a week. We recognize that each patient is different, so we tailor the patient’s therapeutic options based on their unique needs. Through therapy, patients learn strategies to manage the cravings and triggers that may lead to relapse. Our clinicians are proud to provide an evidence-based treatment program that includes a wide array of therapeutic services, including:

These therapeutic options allow patients to understand the underlying cause of their substance use. Once they understand what led to their addiction, they can begin developing strategies to overcome these factors.

Many people who begin using drugs or alcohol are also coping with mental health conditions. Research shows that it is best to address these conditions simultaneously, as it is more likely to lead to long-term recovery. As a result, Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health is also proud to provide dual diagnosis treatment as part of our partial hospitalization program. Dual diagnosis treatment concurrently addresses substance abuse and mental health conditions, giving patients the tools to manage both concerns outside of treatment.

Seek Support at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health

No one should have to cope with recovery from drugs or alcohol on their own. At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, we’re committed to providing our patients with the skills they need to overcome substance abuse and mental health issues. As a result, we carefully tailor our partial hospitalization program to the patient’s needs to ensure that they have our complete support and assistance throughout the recovery process. For more information about how our partial hospitalization program in Stuart, Florida supports long-term recovery, please contact Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health today by calling 855.509.1130 or using our helpful contact form.