Our clinically excellent staff at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health offers an authentic experience that is unlike anything you may have experienced in drug treatment in the past. Our clinician-led, patient-centered treatment model was founded based on therapeutic principles and a commitment to providing top-quality mental healthcare to people working to overcome addiction and move on with their lives. We committed to building our inpatient treatment after serving our Palm Beach Gardens community for more than five years as an outpatient provider of psychological and psychiatric services. Contact Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health to learn more about our inpatient detox and residential rehab program by calling 855.509.1130.

Patient-Centered Treatment at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health

At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, our drug treatment programs are built on our commitment to providing patient-centered care within the following addiction treatment frameworks:

  • Trauma-informed treatment
  • Cultural competency
  • Responsive and adaptable treatment
  • Commitment to continuing education
  • Empowering and inclusive treatment

Our Medical Staff Provides Clinical Expertise

The longer a person uses drugs, alcohol, or both as their go-to coping strategy, the harder it becomes to develop and implement any other coping strategy. At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, we recognize that the fear of withdrawing from opioids and alcohol often prevents people from seeking the help they most desperately need. As a result, our Florida detox team is staffed by an experienced, committed group of individuals committed to helping people through withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms are easier to handle when you have access to a medical detox program. Our management team has years of experience helping people overcome substance use disorders. We are passionate about not only helping people get stable but allowing them to gradually work through the issues that led them to overuse drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Withdrawal Symptoms Are Manageable With Medical Detox

Different chemicals cause different kinds of dependent and withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawing from certain substances without expert medical supervision can be dangerous. At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, we offer medication-assisted treatment to help patients avoid the severe health complications associated with many types of withdrawal. Severe alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal without a medically-assisted detox program can potentially cause life-threatening seizures.

Remedy Therapists: The Best and Brightest

We are committed to hiring the most talented therapists in Florida. Our team is truly passionate about helping people work through the issues holding them back, whether patients are dealing with a major life event or a troublesome thought pattern. Our therapists exhibit clinical competence, warmth, and honesty in every interaction. The individuals on our staff are truly invested in helping patients achieve their goals and become the people they want to be. We work to celebrate the individual qualities of a person that make them who they are.

When Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health is developing new procedures and guidelines, we turn to our experienced staff for guidance. Our full-time clinical staff has the management experience, commitment to excellence, and progress-centered approach to help our patients be successful.

remedy therapy employee

Akinboyede Akinyemi, M.D.

Dr. Akinyemi completed his medical school education at Avalon University School of Medicine, Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. A good portion of his medical education including clinical rotations was completed in the United States. Upon graduation from Medical school in 2012, he continued to acquire medical knowledge leading to successful completion of General Psychiatry Residency training at Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami. Florida. Due to his outstanding performance which included an exemplary display of professionalism, great leadership qualities, he won multiple awards including resident of the year award every year while in training. He also authored and co-authored multiple peer reviewed publications over the years. During his 4th year of his psychiatry residency training, he was elected Chief Psychiatry Resident.

Knowing the value of lifetime learning, Dr. Akinyemi has continued to acquire vast experience while working as a Psychiatrist providing care for patients with substance use disorders, mood disorders, personality disorder, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders and trauma related issues. His training and experience make him extremely comfortable working with various patient spectrums and multidisciplinary teams.

Dr. Akinyemi is passionate about the way medicine should be practiced and this surely reflects amply in the type of care he provides to all his patients. He enjoys providing education to his patients about the nature of their illness and available treatment options.

Ricardo Santiago MS, LMHC, CCAT, MBA

Clinical Director of Remedy Therapy

Ricardo Santiago MS, LMHC, CCAT, MBA (Ricky) has been serving his community as a licensed mental health counselor, certified clinical adventure therapist and program director since 2000. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University and was licensed as mental health counselor in 2003. He currently serves as Clinical Director of Remedy Therapy, our evidence-based detox & residential substance abuse treatment facility in Stuart, FL. Ricky has worked in a variety of clinical and corporate settings, developing a wealth of experience in counseling utilizing both traditional and adventure approaches in addition to almost 2 decades of management and supervision experience (with expertise in the areas of staff recruitment and retention).

Ricky is a member of the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association as well as its local Palm Beach chapter. Additionally, he is a proud member of the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and served on the Leadership Council of AEE’s Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group as Professional Development Coordinator from 2015 to 2019 where he assisted in the development of a certification

program for adventure therapists and planning of professional conferences. He has presented adventure therapy workshops at numerous conferences nationwide in addition to developing and facilitating adventure therapy CEU trainings for clinicians locally. Ricky was awarded certification as a Clinical Adventure Therapist (CCAT) in December 2020 and was among the first 25 recipients of this distinction globally and the first CCAT in the south Florida area.

Nithchel Marcelin, PA-C

Director of Medical Services

Nithchel is a practicing Physician Associate for 19 years with experience in internal medicine and physical rehabilitation. For the last 10 years, her focus has been on addiction and psychiatry. She is certified by the National Commission of Certification of PAs. Nithchel graduated from Touro PA Program in 2002 in New York City, where she practiced until 2006, when she relocated to Florida. Nithchel is also a medical officer in the United States Army Reserve. In addition to the medical services she provides, she also oversees the nursing department. Her position puts her in a key role for collaboration between the Medical Director, herself as a provider, and the nursing staff in order to provide the most comprehensive care 24 hours a day.

Licensed, Professional, Experienced Caregivers

Licensed therapists at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health employ evidence-based therapeutic practices to help people struggling with any or all of the following concerns:

  • Substance use disorder
  • Medication management
  • Psychological health
  • Maintaining employment
  • Overcoming guilt
  • Respecting boundaries
  • Dealing with stress and strife

Collaborative Approach

Our staff at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health embraces a collaborative approach for each patient and their therapist. We understand that different things work for different people, and our constantly evolving practices offer freedom, flexibility, and authenticity. Even if you have attempted drug treatment in the past, the environment may not have worked for you. Contact us to learn more about our newly-added inpatient addiction treatment program by calling 855.509.1130, or contact us online.