Substance use disorders are currently receiving a great deal of attention in the media due to the opioid epidemic. While stigma still surrounds the topic, the general population is beginning to understand how easy it is to become chemically dependent. Unfortunately, by the time many people realize that the drugs they’re taking are doing more harm than good, their minds and bodies have adjusted to the presence of these chemicals. Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health is an inpatient drug rehab housing some of the best, most experienced therapists in Martin County.

Do I Need Inpatient Drug Treatment?

If drugs and alcohol continue to be a destructive force in your life, attending an inpatient treatment program can offer the community, structure, and support you need in order to heal.

Throughout our lives, we struggle with a range of stressful and upsetting events and circumstances that can lead to unhealthy coping strategies. Having a mental health disorder or unhealed trauma can fuel these unhealthy coping strategies and dull the pain. At Remedy Therapy, we believe that no problem is too big or too small to handle. Sometimes, eliminating the most unlikely roadblocks allows people to heal. Our certified clinicians are here to help guide patients through the early stages of recovery.

Inpatient Treatment for Substance Use and Mental Health

Our Remedy Behavioral Health patients have access to an array of treatment modalities. Join us for the following treatment programs:

  • Family counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling

At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, our clinicians will help you learn to identify and change negative thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and behaviors. We take a cognitive-behavioral approach during individual therapy sessions to address a person’s thoughts and how their thought patterns affect their actions, emotions, and relationships. Another important aspect of our inpatient addiction treatment program is learning the best ways to cope with triggers and cravings without resorting to harmful psychoactive chemicals. Recovery may seem impossible, but if you have the desire to overcome your addiction, we can offer the tools you’ve been missing.

Find Your Ideal Addiction Treatment Program

Substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions can cause isolation, depression, and intense feelings of worthlessness. The health and relationship strife caused by addiction might cause recovery to feel unattainable; however, no matter what stage of addiction you are struggling with or how many times you’ve relapsed, recovery is always an option. Attending inpatient treatment for drug addiction might seem inconvenient, but the rewards are immeasurable once your life is back in your own hands.

Life Stages: Being Ready Is Half the Battle

At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, we also place a strong emphasis on the different stages of life and the challenges that can stand in the way of mental health. We take an individualized approach when evaluating each guest to determine how best to help them achieve their goals.

With each new life stage comes changes, challenges, and different stress factors. Whether you face a major life change or a bump in the road, our goal at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health is to prepare you for potential roadblocks and solve problems before they start.

Learn More About Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health

When considering treatment at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, remember that our inpatient drug treatment facility is a safe place of healing, community, and understanding. Our team of clinical experts is here to help people take accountability for their choices without drowning in guilt and regret.

Addiction Recovery Is Within Your Reach

Contact Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health to learn more about how our inpatient drug treatment program can help you regain control of your life by calling (855) 509-1130 or contact us online.